News – NMEA-BT

Now, connect and communicate with NMEA data emitting GPS/GNSS devices using iPads and iPhones (iOS devices) over Bluetooth.

We have launched a project on Kickstarter to raise $ 20,000 to allow us to launch production of the final design. We have all the other necessary approvals and certifications completes. So please support our project on kickstarter.

product-nmea-v2Main Objectives/Features of this device include

  • Utilizing the location data coming from the external GPS to override the internal GPS on iOS device. Therefore, without making any changes to the app, the accuracy of all existing apps using internal location services will be enhanced.
  • To connect simultaneously with other NMEA data format emitting field sensors such as underground Cable Locators, Lasers, Resistographs, Audigraphs, etc. Therefore, the data collection application can benefit from the incorporation of data received from multiple sensors.


Some of the other Notable features include

  • Apple/mFi certified product with full support for apps on the App Store – Jailbreak Free solution.
  • IP67 or higher rating on the final product.
  • Universal connectivity to any number of possible data sources for NMEA data.
  • NTRIP Client for iOS.
  • At least 10 hours of continuous use with internal battery on the device.
  • Work over Long Range bluetooth providing at least 100 M operating range between the GPS and iOS device to provide maximum workflow flexibility

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