COMING SOON…Connect your existing external GPS to iPad 4 or iPhone 5 devices…

NMEA-LP-accessoriesThis cable solution connects an iOS device to various industry leading GPS receivers via a standard DB9 – RS-232 serial interface. The cable is compatible with all location aware iOS apps, including the Maps and Compass apps that are standard on iOS devices.The cable is one meter long and has a male DB-9 connector and supports data transfer rates upto 115.2 Kbps and requires iOS 5.0.x or above.

This solution is completely plug and play ready and is licensed and certified under the MFi program by Apple and works with all of the leading high accuracy GPS/GNSS receivers that use the NMEA 0183 protocol.

This is completely a Jailbreak free solution to connect and use the accurate location data from a high end GPS device – NOmodification is required on iOS Device. You don’t need any custom development or special apps to use this solution. We do offer a free app on the Apple iTunes App Store to help updating the serial port configuration in case it is needed to support your GPS device communication. If you are interested in connecting the iOS device to the GPS unit via Bluetooth Communication Interface, please contact us for more details at Support@AmanEnterprises.com.

In addition to Increasing the Location Accuracy of all native applications running on iOS, this cable can be used in conjunction with our SDK to allow you to get access to low level fine grained data parameters associated with your incoming location data. Together these tools enable everyone including hobbyist, education and large enterprise developers to write iOS apps that communicate with GPS Devices. These apps may be deployed for private use at home, at school or in an enterprise without any restrictions. If you wish to publish the app on the Apple iTunes app store, for general public use Apple requires you to get approval from us prior to publishing your app on the iTunes App Store.

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